Tamarind Soda

Tamarind Soda

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After reading the Bad Candy Web Site and seeing how much they "loved" anything with tamarind in it, we decided to taste both the drink and soda at the same sitting to compair them. We really enjoyed the Jarritos Guava soda, so this can't be too bad!

Bottle appearance:
Same Jarritos bottle all the flavors come in. Same brownish color the tamarind drink was.

Soda appearance:
This is the same color as the tamarind drink we tried, but more clear and minus the "floaters". The carbonation is very foamy.

Very faint smell - the guys say they can smell fruit and apples, but I can't smell a thing! I'm practically snorting it, and I can't make out any odor at all.

First Impression of taste:
Bob says this is like Apple Beer or a weak apple soda. Everyone agrees it's very faint and weak, but it's definately tamarind.

Second Impression:
The carbonation is very strong in taste.

The carbonation is the taste that stands out, even after a few sips. The tamarind/fruit flavors are weak.

Strong tasting, foamy carbonation.

Full Description:
Well, this was a let down after trying the drink. It's too strong in the carbonation and too weak in the fruit.

The men all give this a 3. I personally would give it a one, but majority rules. It's good they say, but they could care less if they ever try it again.