Sangria Senorial

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This non-alcoholic "natural and artifical sangria flavored beverage" is imported from Mexico. It's not one of the humorous sodas.

Bottle appearance:
Not an exciting bottle - this one wasn't made for shock or laughs.

Soda appearance:
It's more brown in color than I remember sangria being, and the carbonation died down as soon as it was poured.

Smelled like sangria - whatta surprise.

First Impression of taste:
More fizzy in the mouth than I expected. Very fruity - we really like it.

Second Impression:
A touch more lemon/citrus as you drink it.

Fruit and grape with hints of citrus.

It practically foamed when poured, and the bubbles died immediately. While drinking it, however, it feels very carbonated in the mouth.

Full Description:
Greg is sort of ambivalent, but says it could grow on him. As we are not alcohol drinkers, the wine flavors and smells are sort of strange to us. Personally, I really like this stuff and wouldn't mind a case in the house.

Greg gives it a 3.5, but I give it a 5. Pass me the rest of the bottle!