Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray

Dr.Brown's Cel-Ray

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If a deli in New York City did not offer this to drink, it would lose its deli license, I'm sure.

Bottle appearance:
Very unassuming bottle.

Soda appearance:
Looks just like ginger ale with a fast-dying head.

Smells exactly like celery.

First Impression of taste:
My initial take on this is of ginger. Greg thinks it tastes like a flat Vernors.

Second Impression:
The celery seed kicks in quickly, but it's not as gross as you might be thinking.

Just like the name and ingredients imply, it tastes like celery. It is fresh and clean and really tasty.

Med/high - fast forming and fast-dying head, nice prickle as you drink it.

Full Description:
This isn't a gimmicky drink like some of the exotic sodas - it is just a celery seed flavored soda that has been around for years. I really like it, but I used to drink it back in college all the time. It tastes great despite the fact that a vegetable based soda isn't "normal". Greg is clueless on this one - he can't taste the celery at all and just feels it's a wimpy ginger ale.

Greg and I don't agree on this one, but as I mentioned above, he doesn't have a very refined nose or pallet. He gives it an apathetic 4 and I give it a 5 - I love this stuff!