Basil Seed Drink

Basil Seed Drink

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Mong Lee Shang's Basil Seed Drink from Taiwan looks like frog eggs on the can. At least it's "with honey" as the can proudly proclaims.

Bottle appearance:
Gee Bob - is this to get me back for all the fights and whining when we were kids? By the illustration on the can it looks like it's gonna have little chewy things in it, like Grass Jelly Drink. Oh yeah - I can't imagine a basil flavored soda either.

Soda appearance:
I've been saying the gross pops are easier to write about. I'm going to have a litiary field day with this one. It looks exactly like frog eggs. Each seed seems to be coated with a fuzz - just like food that has started to get moldy in your fish tank. I'm praying that's what it's suppose to look like. But please look at the photos for yourself:

Basil Drink Basil with James

Faintly fruity smell that reminds me of papaya.

First Impression of taste:
Sweet - sort of like the palm drink.

Second Impression:
The seeds don't seem to add any additional flavor - just texture. If I do many more of these oriental drinks, I'll need to add a category for texture.

You got me on this one. It's a fruit flavor, although fruit doesn't appear in the ingrediants anywhere.


Full Description:
My friend Mary isn't happy with this at all:
Basil with Mary

It's an odd drink - not much taste - no hint of the basil anywhere. And then there is your bonus sensation - frog eggs. Each seed is covered with jelly or something that bursts on the roof of your mouth or teeth like a pomagranite seed. I actually find it a cool sensation, but I just can't get the "aquarium fuzzy look" out of my head. We just can't get into drinks you can read in braille.

We give it a 2. It's not bad tasting (and we found the Grass Jelly drinks BAD tasting), and the texture wasn't as gross as Grass Jelly - I thought it was sort of fun. But it's just not exciting in flavor, and it's just not us.