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last revision 6/7/03

06/08/03 . . . . Back in the saddle again! We review Rieme Grapefruit

06/08/03 . . . . Here is neat stuff about Chinotto from their fanclub website in Italy! (Look at the bottom of the page).

06/07/03. . . . New look - no frames! Expect more reviews soon!

Here the Michies sacrifice themselves as guinea pigs for the betterment of the soft-drink consuming public. We review as many strange and out-of-the-ordinary pops as finances and sanity will allow.

This page is dedicated to my brother Bob - an extremely warped person who first surprised us with a case of exotic sodas for a gift. You are sick, Bob, but I like that in a brother!


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To start with, please let me make it clear the following assessments are our OPINIONS!!! There's an excellent chance that 99% of the population will totally disagree with at least part of our grading of these assorted beverages. We write this page for amusement only (well, OK - a touch of masochism too). We do not work for any soda companies or distributors, we don't have sensitive or trained palates (especially Greg...), we are just having fun!

What makes these sodas "exotic"

Availability is a key factor here. A person in Michigan will not in any way consider Vernors unique, nor will a New Yorker think Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray is anything out of the ordinary. But give a bottle of each to a person in Mississippi or Australia, and it becomes exotic. Perhaps by this definition anything beyond Coke or Pepsi becomes exotic, but we are trying to examine the stuff that is amusing, extremely strange, or just plain interesting.

If you want to order these and try them for yourself, we get them from POP The Soda Shop on the web.

The over-all score is on a scale of 1 to 5, one being the "yukiest" and five being a "go-out-and-buy-me-a-case".

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